Writings about St.Teresa Verzeri

VALSECCHI A-Teresa Eustochio Verzeri and Mons. Canon Joseph Benaglio, Founders of the Institute of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart. (Three speeches. Sonzogni, Bergamo 1869).

ARCHANGELS G – The life of the Servant of God, Teresa Eustochio Verzeri: Foundress and Superior General of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart. (2 Vol. Pavoni, Brescia 1881).

DONADONI D- Teresa Verzeri, the veiled warrior. (Borla Editor, Torino1964)

CORNARO T (a c.)- Teresa Verzeri, a gift of God to the world. (Editions du Signe, Strasbourg1995)

DONADONI D- It is easy to say love – The life and service of Teresa Verzeri, (New city, Rome1981)

CASSINARI R: Mother forever- Saint Teresa Verzeri Foundress of the DSHJ. (Re-printing, Editor Velar, Gorle BG 2006)

ZANCHI G- “The light of God in darkness. Teresa Verzeri: life and service”, (New city editor, Rome, 2014)

ZANCHI G- Teresa Verzeri (1801-1852). “The saint of our days”, (Glossa, Milan, 2017)



Writings about Joseph Benaglio

DENTELLA L- The Count Can. Joseph Benaglio and an ecclesiastical history of a century of Bergamo. (Typography, Vescovile Secomandi, Bergamo, 1930).

DSHJ- “Pearls of Wisdom. From the writings of Mons. Joseph Benaglio” (Editions du Signe, Strasbourg, 2018)

Writings of Teresa Verzeri

The letters (more than 3500 letters)

Book of Duties (3 vol)

Constitutions / Rules

Various regulations

Life projects (for young people, married women …)

Ceremonials (for religious)

Considerations on the spiritual life

The instructions, prayers and poems.


Writings of St.Teresa Verzeri

The pain of sins

Speeches and moral instructions

Pastoral letters

Instructions to the families

Various documents

Regulations for the Benedictine convent in Bergamo

First Rules on the Foundation of the DSHJ

Various letters to Elena Grumelli – Verzeri and relatives

Letters to the Daughters of the Sacred Heart

Letters to the young

Letters to Virginia Simoni (No. 29)

Letters to Carolina Suardo (No. 350)

Letters to Teresa. Verzeri (No.135)


Writings of Mons. Joseph Benaglio


Discorsi e Istruzioni morali

Lettere Pastorali

Istruzioni familiari

Documenti vari

Regolamenti per il Convento di S. Benedetto di  Bergamo

Prime Regole sulla Fondazione FSCJ

Lettere varie a Elena Grumelli -Verzeri e parenti

Lettere alle Figlie del S. Cuore

Lettere a giovani

Lettere a Virginia Simoni (n. 29)

Lettere a Carolina Suardo (n. 350 )

Lettere a T. Verzeri (n.135)