General Government

13th Superior general

Sr.Beatrice Dal Santo



Sr. Inelda Maria Balestrin

Ir. Justina Missio (general procurator)

Sr. Assunta Marini (general secretary)

Sr. Christine Ediyanattu


Coordination and animation bodies

General economical equip: Srs. Justina Missio, Donata Berto and  Odete Franceschi.

Historical risearch equip: Srs.Assunta Marini, Nicoletta Andriani,  Assunta Bressan, Odete P. de Moura  and Arlete M. Simon

Congregational Mission Centre (CeMis)


The Institute is organized in Provinces, Vice-Provinces, Missionary Areas and International Communities:

General Government: 04 international communities:

General Curia – Rome (Italy)

Mother house – Bergamo (Italy)

Drobeta Turnu Severin (Romania)

Pemba (Mozambique)



PSC: 12In Italy and in Shenjiin (Albania)

PNSA (Brazil): 26Mission Area: Our Mother of Guadalupe

PTV (Northeast / Brazil, Amazonia): 11

PB (India: Kerala, Karnataka, Maharastra, Andhrapradesh and Chhgattisgar): 14

Community in Italy – Ortona (CH)

Community in Germany – Scheinfeld

VCJM (In Africa: Central African Republic, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo): 6

Each Province / Vice Province is organized in: Provincial / Vice-Provincial Government and Councilors and treasurer Various equips and Commissions


Each Community, animated by a Superior, carries out its own Apostolic Project, in accordance with the common guidelines to the whole Congregation. Total communities and members of the Congregation:

No. of Communities: 74

No. of Religious: 434

No. of Novices: 11

No. of Postulants: 06