General Government

da sinistra: Suor Daniela Perina Consigliera, Suor Maria Paul Vadakeveetil Consigliera, Suor Beatrice Dal Santo Superiora Generale, Suor Neusa Falcade Consigliera, Irma Eugenia Krinski (Prima Consigliera)

Segretaria del Consiglio Generale: Suor Daniela Perina.


The Institute is organized in Provinces, Vice-Provinces, Missionary Areas and International Communities:

General Government: 04 international communities:

General Curia – Rome (Italy)

Mother house – Bergamo (Italy)

Drobeta Turnu Severin (Romania)

Pemba (Mozambique)



PSC: 12In Italy and in Shenjiin (Albania)

PNSA (Brazil): 26Mission Area: Our Mother of Guadalupe

PTV (Northeast / Brazil, Amazonia): 11

PB (India: Kerala, Karnataka, Maharastra, Andhrapradesh and Chhgattisgar): 14

Community in Italy – Ortona (CH)

Community in Germany – Scheinfeld

VCJM (In Africa: Central African Republic, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo): 6

Each Province / Vice Province is organized in: Provincial / Vice-Provincial Government and Councilors and treasurer Various equips and Commissions


Each Community, animated by a Superior, carries out its own Apostolic Project, in accordance with the common guidelines to the whole Congregation. Total communities and members of the Congregation:

No. of Communities: 74

No. of Religious: 434

No. of Novices: 11

No. of Postulants: 06