Easter Greetings




The Word suffered that his flesh was

hanging on the wood, the Word has suffered that

nails were planted in his flesh, the

Word suffered that his flesh was

pierced by the spear, the Word has suffered

that his flesh should be laid in the grave,

the Word has resurrected its flesh, offered it

to the gaze of his disciples, word lent himself

to be touched by their hands.

They touch and shout, “My Lord and my God!”

This is the day the Lord has made!

(St. Augustine, from the Speeches)

Dear sisters,

In this difficult hour that we all live in communion with so many brothers and sisters of the whole world affected by the COVID 19 epidemic, we have begun Holy Week that, this year we relive within the boundaries of our homes in distress  and in praying silence. Let us accompany Jesus, the man of sorrow who has not turn away from death, who has drunk to the full the chalice of bitterness to be able to suffer with us, to hold us hard to the heart in the moments of our “death”, and “let us also run together with him who rushes to passion and let us imitate those who came to meet him. Not, however, to lay branches of olive trees or palm trees, carpets or other things like that, but as if to spread in humble prostration and deep adoration our people before his feet. Thus let us welcome the Word of God who puts forward and receive in ourselves that God whom no place can contain. He who is the same meekness, enjoys coming to us who are meek”. (S.Andrea di Creta). Let us then go with him to Jerusalem, sure that no experience of death can rob our hope and the certainty that Jesus has risen, is present, is alive among us and generates with us and for us always new Life. The mystery of Easter reminds us that with every passion follows the resurrection, that of Christ and also ours in Him, so that with Paul we too can say: “If one is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things have passed, here are new ones” (2 Cor 5.17). The resurrection of Christ is our hope! This is the announcement and the wish that we address and share with everyone in every place, singing with the whole Church: ” This is the day the Lord has done: let us be glad and rejoice”.  To all of you, Sisters, your family, friends and benefactors, I wish from heart, the joy and peace of the Resurrection.

Happy Easter!

Sister Beatrice Dal Santo and Sisters of the Council Fscj