In Communion

The Church has always taught to seek God’s help in needs, for herself and for all humanity, because she knows that the life of every man is “in the hands of God”.  The Coronavirus epidemic, for its novelty, virulence, diffusion and uncertainty, is making us understand that despite the enormous progress of science and medicine, man is not protected from dangers, on the contrary, he is experiencing great fragility and  the lack of  self-sufficiency that characterizes common feeling of today.  And then, while adopting all the measures of prevention and containment, we recognize our structural weakness and also raise our prayer as supplication, that is, we make a confident and heartfelt request from God to be protected, healed, saved.


Prayer to Saint Joseph

Remember, O most pure husband of the virgin Mary,

O my sweet protector  Saint Joseph,

that no one was ever heard to invoke your protection and ask for your help,

without having been consoled.

With this confidence I come to your presence and I fervently recommend you.

Do not want to despise my prayer,

O putative father of the redeemer,

but receive it pitifully and grant it.