4th day – Dialogue between religion

4th day – Dialogue between religion

“In the incarnation of the Divine Word, everything speaks to us of love, everything inspires us with love. Love makes incarnate Wisdom find a way to satisfy divine Justice and save man: love moves divine power to make a God assume a humanity: love moves the divine Word to become man for the salvation of man … therefore love … he loves ardently, he loves in the way in which God loved you … ”

(Santa Teresa Verzeri)


Let’s pray:

O God of the widow, of the orphan and of the stranger,

You have shown us the path of justice.

Help us to follow your way by practicing justice as a true cult to you.

Grant that we believers can, together, worship you

not only with our heart and our mind,

but also with our works.

May the Holy Spirit support and guide our work

for justice wherever we are,

and may many be heartened by our commitment.

In the name of Jesus.