3rd day: For the families

3rd day: For the families

“The Church invites us at this time and excites us to prepare our hearts for the birth of the Child Jesus. Preparation consists in removing obstacles: this is all we can do with the help of divine grace.

The main obstacles must be deficiencies in charity and humility, virtues that are most dear and brightest in the crib to the adorable Heart of Jesus Christ. Therefore banish all that is contrary to charity, both within us and outside … ”

(Santa Teresa Verzeri)


Let’s pray:

O Most Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

at this moment we truly consecrate ourselves to you with all our heart.

For us your protection, for us your guide against the evils of this world,

until our families will always be solid in the infinite love of God. Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

we love you with all our heart. We want to be totally yours. Please help us to do the will of the true God.

Guide us always to the glory of Heaven, now and throughout the future.