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Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Women inflamed with love of God”, following  Jesus, their unique model, make his feelings their own and conform themselves to him.

“To you and  your Institute he has given the precious gift of his Heart, so that you might learn holiness not from any other source, because  He is the inexhaustible source of true holiness”.      Cs. 3

Cs. 3

“The Lord has blessed you

and will continue to bless you always.

He will guard you

like the pupil of his eyes

He will fill in you more and more

with His divine Spirit.

Young people, He will make you an instrument

to  prepare the healthy maxims of the Gospel.

I bless you

and  invoke  all those graces from the Trinity,

that lead you to holiness,

for you and for your young people.”

(Mons.Giuseppe Benaglio)



Teresa Verzeri

Teresa was born in Bergamo from the spouses of Grumelli and Verzeri, in 1801. she is the first one of six other children. Her family that radically lives the Christian life. Since she was a child, Teresa shows some qualities of character, which will be decisive for her future life: a lively and cheerful person, independent and energetic, but above all very reflective.


Giuseppe Benaglio

Giuseppe Benaglio is a historical figure, not unknown in his Diocese of Bergamo and significantly present in life, in the charism and in the spirituality of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of which he is the Founder together with Saint Teresa Verzeri. He born in the family of Count Antonio di Sanguineto and Caterina Ginammi. He ordained as a priest in September 1790, when he was  twenty-two years. He had a jolly and cheerful character, inclined to friendship, of impetuous souls.


The urgency of the charity of the Heart of Jesus urges the DSHJ towards their neediest brothers and sisters, to be flexible in the ways and according to their possibilities.

The charismatic gift, embodied in different realities and situations, moves to serve the person in a continuous commitment to promotion, evangelization and formation in defense of the dignity of the sons and daughters of God.



Charity of the Heart of Jesus

Cordiality in the relationship


Respect the differences






Promote the life of the person, make them aware of their dignity as children of God and love them with the love of the Heart of Jesus



Being a significant presence in education and formation at various levels specially, in the field of health and social assistance among the people, which recognized from the testimony inspired by the Charism that the Founders left. A cordial presence in the relationships, in the services performed, and in the various institutions.


Starting from the interiority of the incarnate Heart of Christ as expressed in Mt 11, 25-30, the Founders emphasize the uniqueness of the impulse and the charity of the Lord Jesus in the dimension of thanksgiving to the Father in an attitude of filial and tender confidence and compassion towards tired and oppressed humanity.

The name ‘Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus’, “daughters” heirs of the Charity of the Heart of Jesus, includes three fundamental nucleus, which are connected to each other.


The Filiation

recalls the relationship with the Father and makes us sisters of all,

says the relationship of intimacy, simplicity and abandonment, in the desire to do only what the Father likes.


The Heart of Jesus

source of our holiness (humble, simple, meek heart)

the place where we become daughters, sisters and disciples…

where the charity is drawn to go towards the brothers…

the school of love, incarnate heart which is  open to all…


The charity

urges us to contemplate the heart of Jesus and the reality of the world to respond like Him to the needs of our brothers and sisters in every time and place, making us everything to everybody….

nourishes the relationships of communion and unity, “cor unum et anima una”…

He urges us to do all of us to everyone, to love with the Heart of Jesus to the gift of life…